Federal Premium's Black Cloud

Federal Premium's Black Cloud

2 Seasons

It's all about the journey not the destination, and public land duck hunting is the ultimate challenge. Join Dr. Duck (Dennis Loosier) and Billy Campbell as they chase public waterfowl.

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Federal Premium's Black Cloud
  • Black Cloud with Dr. Duck: 2019 Season Trailer

    Episode 1

    S1.Trailer: Do cupped wings and green heads get you going? Then check out Black Cloud with Dr. Duck, and join in the journey as Dennis Loosier, aka Dr. Duck, and Billy Campbell chase public-land waterfowl all season long.

  • Freelance Hunting the Dakotas

    Episode 2

    S1.E1: Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell head north to the Dakotas to get a jump on the 2019 duck season with Ed McDonough and friends. Stale weather and too much water make field hunting a bust, but a cold front and a pothole covered in birds quickly changes the tempo, and helps the crew ring in the n...

  • Northern Green: Action Continues in the Dakotas

    Episode 3

    S1.E2: Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell continue their freelance trip in the Dakotas. There's an abundance of water, which has the mallards spread out in potholes and flooded fields. In this episode, a couple area students take advantage of a day off from school to share a memorable day in the field w...

  • The Migration Moves South: Public Waterfowl Hunting

    Episode 4

    S1.E3: After hours of miles on the road with snacks in hand, Dr. Duck hits a new public area as the southern states' waterfowl seasons begin to open. Warm weather and high waters prove to make finding concentrated birds difficult but the team continues to grind. Leaning on past experience and a ...

  • Boat Ramp Hobos: Sleeping in the Truck for Greenheads

    Episode 5

    S1.E5: Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell find the X—but they're pretty sure they'll have competition come sunrise. And if you "ain't first, you're last." They set up camp, sleep at the ramp, and are waiting at first light, when the feet-down mallards come pouring in.

  • An Opening Day Arkansas Wrong Turn

    Episode 6

    S1.E6. Public competition, little sleep, mother nature, and a wrong turn. It's a rough weekend for the Arkansas opener but Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell wouldn't be anywhere else. It's the Super Bowl of Duck Hunting and everyone is ready to hit the timber.

  • Ultimate Duck Hunt Sweepstakes: Brothers Bond over First Mallard

    Episode 7

    S1.E7. Sweepstakes winners Jackson and Carson Hirschler make their first trip to Arkansas to hunt with Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell at Ole South Outfitters. Ole South's Blake Burrus rolls out the red carpet to the young hunters, providing an experience of a lifetime.