7 Episodes

Grigsby is at the forefront of farming in America, with more than 10,000 acres of contiguous agricultural land dedicated to growing row crops and REALLY BIG WHITETAILS. The farm is adjacent to the 15,500-acre Jim Edgar Fish and Wildlife Area, which only helps the Grigsby’s efforts at wildlife and habitat resource management.

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  • Grigsby S1E6: Inside a Combine, Giant Buck Encounter

    Episode 1

    Mike encounters a giant buck on his first day of bowhunting. The Grisgby team demonstrates how a combine works as they start the harvest.

  • Grigsby S1E5: Erosion Work and Hanging the Last Stand

    Episode 2

    Randy talks through the steps in a soil conservation project with the USDA's Natural Resource Conservation Service. Then, Mike hangs the final stand of the year in preparation for the upcoming season. With 160+ stands in place, prepping the Grigsby is quite a job!

  • Grigsby S1E4: Tuning Combines and Organic Cover Crops

    Episode 3

    Technicians go over combine maintenance and adjustment with the crew, and Randy checks out an organic cover crop that, at just 3 weeks old, is already 24 inches tall. Though it's there to fix nitrogen for next spring's corn, deer will be feasting on it this fall.

  • Grigsby S1E3: Plot Maintenance, A Near Tractor Wreck, and Red Corn Update

    Episode 4

    Mike Stroff and Randy Leka check on their red corn test plot, and Mike mows the clover plots in preparation for opening day in Illinois. Of course, like any food plot adventure, there are wrinkles in the plan, including a near tractor wreck a log jam in the mower, and fungus on the corn.

  • Grigsby S1E2: Doe Days of Summer

    Episode 5

    Mike Stroff makes use of depredation tags issued by the State of Illinois to help control the deer population on the Grigsby. The reality is, there are more deer there than can be controlled by hunting, and the farm is suffering crop losses because of it.

  • Grigsby S1E1: Test Plots and Prepping 300+ Treestands

    Episode 6

    A behind-the-scenes look at one of the largest contiguous farms in Illinois. Mike Stroff and Grigsby farm manager Randy Leka take a look at the progress of a red corn test plot, and discuss the benefits of cover crops for the land and whitetail population. Plus, Stroff preps stands and gets a po...

  • Grigsby Season Trailer

    Episode 7

    The Grigsby, follows the famous Illinois Grigsby Farm, its family and staff, its hunting operation, plus land and wildlife management. This show is hosted by Realtree Pro Staffer Mike Stroff.

    “The Grigsby family lives the farming and outdoor lifestyle on a daily basis and has for generations,” s...