Midwest Whitetail

  • 4-6-20: Deadly Big-Buck Setup | The Open-Gate Treestand | Midwest Whitetail

    S4.E7. On this week's episode, we first join Bill Winke as he takes down stands across the farm. He's inspecting them to make sure they're still safe. One of the stands he pulls is among the deadliest on the entire farm. It's know as the "Open Gate." Winke goes into detail on why this stand works...

  • Midwest Whitetail Weekly

    4 seasons

    Midwest Whitetail is a weekly series that we produce all year long, as close to live as possible. Follow these incredible stories as we find the bucks we will hunt, attempt to pattern them and then ultimately pursue them. Learn lots of updates on strategy and buck behavior.

  • Midwest Whitetail Daily - Bill Winke

    4 seasons

    Follow Bill Winke's hunting season. Every day. Every hunt. This series includes all the strategy adjustments required to keep up with changing conditions throughout an entire season.

  • Midwest Whitetail Daily - Jared Mills

    3 seasons

    Follow Jared Mills throughout the off-season preparation and entire hunting season in this near-live format. Every day. Every hunt.

  • Midwest Whitetail Daily - Owen Reigler

    2 seasons

    Follow Owen Reigler as he prepares for the season and then hunts his top bucks. Every day. Every hunt.

  • Midwest Whitetail Daily - Mike Reed

    1 season

    Follow Mike Reed through the season as he finds, patterns and attempts to harvest bucks.

  • Midwest Whitetail Daily - Public Land

    1 season

    Follow the public-land team as they find and hunt mature bucks on public land.