Midwest Whitetail Daily - Owen

Midwest Whitetail Daily - Owen

2 Seasons

Follow Owen Reigler as prepares for the season and then hunts his top bucks. Every Day. Every Hunt.

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Midwest Whitetail Daily - Owen
  • Owen's Blog : First Sit, New Bucks

    Episode 1

    With new bucks showing up on trail camera, Owen heads to a stand for the first time this season with hopes of encountering one of the new bucks in the area .

  • Owen's Blog | Hunt For "Picket Fence"

    Episode 2

    Owen is on a self filmed hunt in search for his target buck "Picket Fence". Lots of deer activity with this cold front that came through, tune in to see how this hunt unfolds.

  • Owen's Blog : The Plot Thickens

    Episode 3

    Owen revisits a Redneck blind hoping to catch his target buck, "Picket Fence", on the move. After receiving a daylight trail camera picture only one night previous, Owen has high hopes.

  • Owen's Blog | Encounter With "WOLVERINE"

    Episode 4

    Owen is back out in the stand after the "Wolverine Buck''. Waiting patiently Owen catches a glimpse through the brush of one of his target bucks, tune in to see what happens.

  • Owen's Blog: The Beginning Of A New Season

    Episode 5

    Follow along as Owen Reigler heads to his Redneck blind on this rainy day in search for one of his target bucks "Picket Fence". Additionally, Owen finds a casualty of EHD on the farm.

  • Owens Blog: Bow Setup

    Episode 6

    Owen sets up and tunes a bow and then shoots a four arrow 60 yard group and talks about shooting method.

  • Owen's Blog: New Farm, New Bucks

    Episode 7

    Owen starts out going over his bow set up after he recently received some questions on what he prefers. Then he heads to a new farm and shows some of the bucks showing up. Finally, he gives some tips on where to place trail cameras as bucks settle into their fall ranges.

  • Owen's Blog: Choosing A Release, Contest Winner

    Episode 8

    We join Owen in Southern Iowa as he is drawing a winner for the name of the buck that he will be chasing this fall. He then shows us 3 different Spot Hogg releases and gives his input on each after shooting them all.

  • Owen's Blog: First Velvet Sit, Hitlist Bucks

    Episode 9

    Owen heads out for his first velvet sit, and reveals some target bucks for this upcoming season.

  • Owen's Blog: Sneak Peak!

    Episode 10

    Owen shows how to clean up a clover plot and then gives a sneak peak into one of his big bucks, that he got on his trail camera.

  • Owen's Blog: Creating New Access

    Episode 11

    Owen talks about a new blind location and makes a plan for perfect access. He gets in the excavator and carves out his entry/exit route and goes over how to identify what nutrients your corn is lacking.

  • Owen's Blog: Three Traps for Three Bucks

    Episode 12

    Today Owen begins setting the traps for three mature bucks he hopes to lay eyes on this upcoming season.

  • Owen's Blog: Remove Grass from Clover Plots

    Episode 13

    Owen is out on his farm spraying food plots to clean grass from clover.

  • Owen's Blog: Story of the "194 Buck"

    Episode 14

    Owen discusses his plans for food plots in the coming weeks and shares the story of the "194 Buck".

  • Owen's Blog: Story of Jawdropper, Timber Stand Improvement

    Episode 15

    Today Owen discusses Timber Stand Improvement and its benefits. Additionally, he shares his story on the buck known as "Jawdropper".

  • Owen's Blog: Manipulate Deer Movement, Shed Hunting

    Episode 16

    Still looking for sheds, Owen discusses different tactics to make deer move past your stands.

  • Owen's Blog: Shed Hunting, Top Food Sources

    Episode 17

    Owen is out on the project farm to look for more sheds. Along the way, he discusses the difference between food sources that attract vs. food sources that provide nutrition. He separates the two cagtegories and adds his top 4 choices for food in each one.

  • Owen's Blog: 30 Sheds and a Deadhead

    Episode 18

    30 Sheds and a dead head. Digits, Picket Fence and Super Freak make their way into Owen's hands and he goes over some of the history he has with these mature bucks from his farm.

  • Owen's Blog: Big Bucks Found Dead

    Episode 19

    Owen gets word that two of his hit list bucks have been killed in the 2018 season. Flyers was shot by a neighbor on the last day of the season and Blades turns up at a local taxidermist after the Iowa Deer Classic. Finally we join Owen on another shed hunt.

  • Owen's Blog: Crabs Buck, Broken Tine Repaired

    Episode 20

    Owen shows us his newly finished mount of "Crabs", the buck he harvested this past November. He had the broken tine replaced. Then he hunts sheds, giving us a few pointers along the way as he finds a side to a giant 4 year old he knows well. Finally, Owen goes into a spot where he did some TSI i...