Midwest Whitetail Daily - Owen

Midwest Whitetail Daily - Owen

2 Seasons

Follow Owen Reigler as prepares for the season and then hunts his top bucks. Every Day. Every Hunt.

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Midwest Whitetail Daily - Owen
  • Owen's Blog : Locked Bucks Freed with Chainsaw

    Episode 1

    As Owen was setting up a new blind he heard two bucks locked up and had to try to free them.

  • Owen's Blog | Mature Buck Goes Down

    Episode 2

    Follow along as Owen has an awesome hunt that ends with him tagging a super alert buck!

  • Owen's Blog: Mid-Day Adjustments

    Episode 3

    Join Owen as he has an eventful morning followed by some mid-day shooting before heading out for an evening hunt.

  • Owen's Blog | Back In The Saddle

    Episode 4

    Follow along as Owen heads back to the stand after a short unexpected break.

  • Owen's Blog: Target Spotted

    Episode 5

    Not long after getting into his Redneck Blind, Owen's target buck "Picket Fence" makes an appearance.

  • Owen's Blog | Does In Estrus, Bucks On The Move

    Episode 6

    Join Owen as he heads to back to a stand where he has had a ton of success over the years. With frigid temperatures, Owen still believes he will have a really good hunt.

  • Owen's Blog: Right Trail, Wrong Deer

    Episode 7

    After slower than expected movement, Owen decides to make a move to a farm he hunted recently were he encountered mature bucks as shooting light expired.

  • Owen's Blog | Close Call With Tempting Buck

    Episode 8

    Join Owen Reigler as he is back out in the woods after some trophy target bucks.

  • Owen's Blog: Chilly November

    Episode 9

    Follow along as Owen sets out for a cold November morning in hopes of seeing "Picket Fence". Then makes a move to familiar stand for an evening sit.

  • Owen's Blog | Same Deer, Different Spot

    Episode 10

    He has gotten a few recent pictures of the buck in the area.

  • Owen's Blog: Peak Seeking

    Episode 11

    Owen heads out to the bling and action starts right away as bucks are seeking does. 

  • Owen's Blog: Different Farm, Rattling In Bucks

    Episode 12

    Follow along as Owen catches a glimpse of a shooter buck during his morning hunt. Then for the evening hunt he heads to a different farm that has been having more rut activity.

  • Owen's Blog: Element of Surprise

    Episode 13

    Owen sets out for an evening hunt in hopes that the element of surprise is in his favor.

  • Owen's Blog: New Farm, Mature Deer

    Episode 14

    Owen starts the morning searching for his two primary targets: "Digits" and "Picket Fence". Then, he heads back out fired up for an evening hunt on a farm that he is hunting for the first time this year.

  • Owen's Blog: Rattling Tips

    Episode 15

    Owen heads to the stand, and shares an update on some target bucks. As the rut action is heating up, Owen discusses rattling during various stages of the season.

  • Owen's Blog | Snowy Hunt, Archery Shootout

    Episode 16

    Owen heads back after the "Picket Fence" buck. Owen and Joe have an archery shootout.

  • Owen's Blog | Time To Fill The Freezer

    Episode 17

    Owen heads back out to the spot he killed the "Crabs" bucks last year, he hopes to catch a glimpse of the "Digits" buck or harvest some Does to fill the freezer.

  • Owen's Blog: Looking For "Lightswitch"

    Episode 18

    After a night of snowfall, Owen heads out looking for "Lightswitch".

  • Owen's Blog : Targeting "Digits"

    Episode 19

    With the change in weather, Owen has high hopes that "Digits" will make an appearance during shooting hours.

  • Owen's Blog | Core Area Hunt

    Episode 20

    Owen heads to a stand in a location he believes to be the core area for multiple target bucks.

  • Owen's Blog: First Morning Hunt

    Episode 21

    As a high pressure system makes its way through Iowa, Owen decides to make his first morning hunt of the year. An unexpected wind direction shift forces Owen to climb down and prepare for the afternoon where he encounters multiple does and a buck feeding out in his food plot.

  • Owen's Blog: New Target Buck

    Episode 22

    Owen heads to a spot on the farm he has not hunted very much over the years. He hopes to encounter the "Picket Fence Buck" on this windy and raining evening.

  • Owen's Blog : Back After Wolverine

    Episode 23

    Today Owen heads back into the stand in pursuit of his target buck "Wolverine".

  • Owen's Blog | Hunt for "Wolverine"

    Episode 24

    Follow along as Owen Reigler heads to the stand after his number one buck, "Wolverine".