Midwest Whitetail Daily - Public Land

Midwest Whitetail Daily - Public Land

4 Episodes

Follow the public land team as they find and hunt mature bucks on public land.

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Midwest Whitetail Daily - Public Land
  • Public Land Blog | Last Minute Hunt, Field Full of Bucks

    Episode 1

    After plans fell through, Josh and Max make a last minute decision to head back to the beans with hopes of encountering the shooter buck they've seen twice now. Despite getting in late, the guys have a bullet proof wind and good access allowing them to sneak and have an action packed hunt.

  • Public Land Blog | Round Two with a Shooter

    Episode 2

    Josh Sparks goes back into the public land for another try at the big ten pointer he has been hunting there.

  • Public Land Blog | Making an Aggressive Move

    Episode 3

    Josh and Max head back to the same public piece hoping to encounter the buck from the previous evening. With a different wind, the guys make an aggressive move and set up on the opposite side of the field with hopes of getting a shot.

  • Public Land Blog | Shooter in The Beans

    Episode 4

    Josh and Max head out for their first sit of the 2019 season in Iowa. With multiple days of rain in a row and a major cold front, Josh heads to a field edge. The hope is to catch a mature buck up on his feet early to freshen scrapes in daylight.