Midwest Whitetail Daily - Bill Winke

Midwest Whitetail Daily - Bill Winke

3 Seasons

Follow Bill Winke's hunting season. Every day. Every hunt. This series includes all the strategy adjustments required to keep up with changing conditions throughout an entire season.

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Midwest Whitetail Daily - Bill Winke
  • Winke Day 14: Blufftop Bucks

    Episode 1

    After putting up stands for the next days morning hunt, Bill sets up on a field edge lined with huge buck sign.

  • Winke Day 13: Going Home

    Episode 2

    Bill loads up and heads back to his old stomping grounds of Northeast Iowa to do some hunting for the week.

  • Winke Day 12: Ultimate Surprise Buck

    Episode 3

    Shifting winds prevent Bill from making a move on "Ol' One Eye", so he decides to head to a blind where he has had a long history of good hunts. He has just that as a Surprise Buck puts on a show before coming broadside at 20 yards!

  • Winke Day 11: High Wind, No Problem

    Episode 4

    Bill got a recent daylight picture of the "Bladed 10" in the small plot he has been hunting. With high and gusty winds, Bill heads in after him.

  • Winke Day 10: Foggy Bottom Flurry

    Episode 5

    Follow along as Bill heads on a scouting mission down in the valley bottom.

  • Winke Day 9: Wind Lesson, Stay or Move

    Episode 6

    Bill is after the "Bladed 10" and experiences changes in the projected wind forecast. The question: stay or move?

  • Winke Day 8: Deer Love Corn, Corn Plot Success

    Episode 7

    After seeing a few bucks feeding in the corn, Bill is able to harvest yet another doe.

  • Winke Day 7: My Favorite Spot

    Episode 8

    Bill goes to his favorite spot on the farm, hoping to see a new buck and fill doe tags.

  • Winke Day 6: October Not November

    Episode 9

    Bill heads in after the "Bladed 10" on a very chilly afternoon. Despite high hopes for a lot of deer movement the night was unusually slow. 

  • Winke Day 5: First Sit on a New Corn Plot

    Episode 10

    Bill heads to a corn food plot that has been getting hammered by the deer .. .and raccoons. He discusses how the deer feed on corn compared to milo during different times of the season, and has high hopes the deer will starting hitting the sorghum come late season. 

  • Winke Day 4: Small Plot Success

    Episode 11

    Small plots tucked away in the timber have been the key to daylight movement in early October. Bill heads to the "Plow Down Plot," which is on the edge of what he thinks is the "Bladed 10's" range. He also gives tips for bowhunting from box blinds, and gets a chance at a nice, mature doe.

  • Winke Day 3: Borderline Shooter, Secluded Plot Success

    Episode 12

    Bill heads to a small secluded plot where he has recent trail camera pictures of a target buck, the "Bladed 10". These little plots tucked back in the timber are hotspots for catching deer on their feet in daylight. Drake Lamb had success filling doe tags on Bill's farm in a similar plot yesterda...

  • Winke Day 2: First Tag Filled

    Episode 13

    Bill heads to the "Open Gate" stand hoping to catch up with the "Big 8" as a cold front pushes its way across Iowa. Movement is slow, however, Bill is able to fill one of many doe tags he has for the farm.

  • Winke Day 1: First Hunt, Bucks In Rain

    Episode 14

    Bill heads to a Big N Beasty food plot just below the house for his first hunt of the 2019 season. Despite rainy conditions all afternoon, the plot yields good deer movement and a good looking 3 year old buck.

  • Winke's Blog: Pulling Cards, Dead Deer

    Episode 15

    Bill has begun running trail cameras to find back familiar mature bucks from last season. He describes his strategy for running trail cameras and finds 3 mature bucks on his card pull.

  • Winke's Blog: Finding The Fall Range

    Episode 16

  • Winke's Blog: Bringing Bucks Into Range, Scrape Tree

    Episode 17

    Bill shoots his 60 yard group and updates us on the "Lifetime Project" he has been working on all summer. Next, he heads to a spot he calls the "Cabin Gate", to create a scrape post with the thought of bringing the Big 8 pointer into bow range later this fall.

  • Winke's Blog: Cornfield Buck Trap

    Episode 18

    Bill updates on the corn food plot he fenced off in late June. He's also got his eye on 3 mature bucks to hunt this fall, one being the Bladed 10, which frequents the area where this specific plot is located.

  • Winke's Blog: No-Till Food Plot Rescue, More Summer Bucks

    Episode 19

    After a spraying mishap, Bill replants a few small food plots to Big N Beasty with the RTP Genesis 8. He discusses two different ways you can plant Big N Beasty: no-till with the seeder or no-till using the broadcast seed method. Finally, Drake and the two interns head out to film bucks on Bill's...

  • Winke's Blog: More Velvet Bucks

    Episode 20

    Bill shoots a 60 yard group as Drake and Cooper head back to the fields to film more bucks.

  • Winke's Blog: Big 8 Point Bucks, Shooter Found

    Episode 21

    Bill, Drake and Cooper are filming the fields again and this time they turned up several very solid bucks.  At least one will be on the list for the fall. Bill shoots another 60 yard group as he continues to prepare for the season.

  • Winke's Blog: Field Full Of Velvet, Summer Scouting

    Episode 22

    Bill, Drake Lamb and Cooper Long spent the evening filming fields and found a surprising number of bucks. Bill also shoots another 60-yard group in the backyard as he continues to prepare for the season.

  • Winke's Blog: 60 Yd Group, No-Till Plots

    Episode 23

    Bill Winke continues his summer 60 yard Challenge and drills Frigid Forage Big-N-Beasty annual food plot blend into a spot he recently sprayed.

  • Winke's Blog: 60 Yard Challenge

    Episode 24

    Bill will shoot a 60-yard group every week until we get into the bow season, measuring the size to see if his skills are improving.  The first week is all about sighting-in.  Bill also updates on the growth of the small cornfield that he put the electric fence around.