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  • Public-Land Longbeard Double | Georgia Turkey Hunting | Realtree Spring Thunder

    S3.E28. "When the peaches are ripe, you better keep picking 'em." -- Michael Waddell. That saying holds true as Phillip Culpepper and Drake Lamb head back to hunt public land again in Georgia. It's day No. 3 on the open-to-all ground and the gobblers are getting fired back up. After a couple bout...

  • Singletary Boys Go Turkey Hunting | Big Longbeard Down | Realtree Spring Thunder

    S3.E24: In one of the most memorable hunts of the year, the late Daryle Singletary's son's, Jonah and Mercer, finally get a gobbler into range while hunting with some of their dad's old hunting buddies. Emotions run high after a weekend of tough hunting pays off. Watch Jonah and Mercer's hunt of ...

  • Gobbler Struts Into Range | Colton Jordan Turkey Hunt | Realtree Spring Thunder

    S3.E23. Realtree's Bill Jordan takes his son, Colton, on an afternoon hunt at Realtree Farms in Georgia. They make a move after spotting a gobbler in a green field. They work the bird, and it struts right into range. He tags his second turkey of the season and Bill couldn't be more excited. Needl...

  • Alabama Opening-Day Double | Longbeards At 10 Steps | Realtree Spring Thunder

    S3.E19. Tyler Jordan is joined by his little brother, Colton, on opening day of the Alabama turkey season. The day before, during a scouting trip, Tyler located a few gobblers that were roosted. Now, it's opening morning, and they slip into the area before daylight. Shortly afterward, birds start...

  • Best of Realtree Spring Thunder Week 1 | Florida Osceola Turkey Hunting Action

    S3.E13. Week No. 1 was great. Phillip Culpepper, Tyler Jordan and all of their friends had great hunts. It was a week full of funny jokes, great pranks, challenging mishaps and tagged turkeys.

    1:50: Phillip Culpepper kicks off the season and heads to Florida to hunt Osceola turkeys. While there,...

  • MLB Baseball Player Austin Riley Tags First Turkey | Realtree Spring Thunder

    S3.E9. Atlanta Braves' third baseman, Austin Riley, gets a rare day off from MLB spring training. He opts to spend it with Team Realtree in Osceola country. Riley and Tyler Jordan hunt in Florida's South Zone in hopes of crossing paths with a long-legged swamp bird. After a slow morning, they fin...

  • Longbeard Gobbling Frenzy | Turkeys Across the Water | Realtree Spring Thunder

    S3.E14. Phillip Culpepper and Drake Lamb keep the heat on them during the last day of the Georgia youth season. It's an epic, gobble-crazed morning. Youth hunter Jonathan Fox gets an opportunity on a heavyweight strutter just minutes after daylight. Does he capitalize? We extend a huge thanks to ...

  • 3 Gobblers, 6 Steps | Hunting with the Bone Collectors | Realtree Spring Thunder

    S3.E7. It's been a wild, unpredictable ride in South Florida. Realtree's Phillip Culpepper and the Spring Thunder crew spent the opening week of Florida's South Zone turkey season on public land. They didn't hear a gobble. Finally, the guys head to new ground and attempt to change their luck with...

  • David Blanton's Kansas Giant

    Kansas has been called “the land of giants”, and David Blanton proves exactly why! Watch as he come to full draw on a giant Monster Buck on the first afternoon of his hunt.

  • The 2020 Spring Turkey Season Is Finally Here | Realtree Spring Thunder

    S3.E1. Realtree's Phillip Culpepper prepares for turkey season. He'll start down South chasing Osceloas. But first, Culpepper gets his mind and equipment ready. Also, the birds are starting to gobble in Alabama, so he conducts a little pre-season scouting. Follow along as the season unfolds.


  • Braves Player Austin Riley Goes Osceola Turkey Hunting | Realtree Spring Thunder

    S3.E8. Atlanta Braves Third Baseman Austin Riley joins the Spring Thunder crew in Florida. Riley takes a break from spring training to chase turkeys and take in the Osceola action in the Florida sun. Also, Realtree friend and owner of Rugged Cross Blinds, Chris Seaton knocks down a gobbler with ...

  • 1-20-19: Highlights from Our Best Deer Season Ever | Midwest Whitetail

    We look back on the best moments from this past deer season. It was our best one yet. A great year. Come back in about a month for the first episode of the 2020 Midwest Whitetail off-season series.

  • Prescribed Fire | How to Create Firebreaks for Controlled Burns | Pay Dirt

    S2.E4. Realtree's Roger Culpepper shows how to create firebreaks before using prescribed fire on the farm. He also discusses the importance of using other safety measures, tools and tactics.

    Episode Breakdown:

    1:15: Roger uses a skid steer to start making firebreaks.

    2:30: Then, he discusses t...

  • 2019 Season Highlights

    S1.E22. Deer season is finally over. So, this week, we highlight the 2019-20 deer season on Whitetail TV. We reflect on a lot of great memories.

  • Last Ride: Success Down South with a 6-Man Limit

    S1.E19. Dr. Duck, Billy Campbell and some friends find the ducks during their final road trip of the year. They're on the X, for sure. It's the perfect way to cap off their public-land duck season.

  • Phillip Culpepper Hunts Florida | Gobbler At 10 Steps

    This turkey hunt is INTENSE.

    Phillip meets his buddy Casey in southern Florida just in time for the southern zone opener.

    Watch as they call a fired up Osceola gobbler to 10 steps!

    Season 2 - Episode 2

  • Tyler Jordan Hunts A Montana Monster

    It has been said the Milk River is Montana is a bow hunters paradise. Through the help of WTA tags, Tyler Jordan draws a Montana tag and is after a stud 8 pointer in the cottonwoods along the Milk River!