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  • An Opening Day Arkansas Wrong Turn

    S1.E6. Public competition, little sleep, mother nature, and a wrong turn. It's a rough weekend for the Arkansas opener but Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell wouldn't be anywhere else. It's the Super Bowl of Duck Hunting and everyone is ready to hit the timber.

  • Salute to Soldiers: Orange Army Hits the Woods

    Realtree Land Pro Tondo Waldron host active duty and retired Army Rangers on his farm in Missouri during the opening weekend of rifle season. This hunt gives a whole new meaning to the "orange army".

  • Opening Week at Honey Brake

    The Honey Brake Team preps for opening day as clients and guest start to arrive. From dog training, putting out decoys, and making sure everything is in place for the biggest day of the season. Opening day at Honey Brake.

  • 11-4-19: Rut's Best Week | Midwest Whitetail

    We wrap up our best October ever with Mike Reed who closes the chapter on a river bottom monarch. Then Bill recaps his trip back home to Northeast Iowa where he hunted a farm he hasn't been to in 30 years. On the last morning, Bill looks up and has a shooter walking right at to his tree. Next, we...

  • Phillip Culpepper's Magical Iowa Monster

    Iowa during the rut can be magical! After waiting 5 years to draw a non-resident tag, Phillip Culpepper finally gets a mature deer in bow range on the seventh day of his hunt.

  • Giant Iowa Bow Kill—Self Filmed!

    S1.E5: Realtree UC Iowa Land Pro Nathan Lee is after his largest buck yet, and he's trying to self-film the hunt. Meanwhile, Ryan Wascom is after a good one in Missouri. Finally, you'll get a sneak peak at a 30-acre honey hole for sale in Madison County, Iowa.

  • Mike's Blog: 200" Giant Dies In River

    Just two weeks after Mike harvested his biggest buck to date he is back on the river bottom farm chasing "Marino". After a slow start to the day, Mike hears grunting in the distance followed by the sound of chasing. They are headed in his direction.

  • Whitetail TV S1 E13: Illinois Bowhunting Giant

    Blair Goins catches up with a giant buck in Illinois with his bow, and Roger Culpepper hunts Realtree Farms with a muzzleloader.

  • Boat Ramp Hobos: Sleeping in the Truck for Greenheads

    S1.E5: Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell find the X—but they're pretty sure they'll have competition come sunrise. And if you "ain't first, you're last." They set up camp, sleep at the ramp, and are waiting at first light, when the feet-down mallards come pouring in.

  • The Migration Moves South: Public Waterfowl Hunting

    S1.E3: After hours of miles on the road with snacks in hand, Dr. Duck hits a new public area as the southern states' waterfowl seasons begin to open. Warm weather and high waters prove to make finding concentrated birds difficult but the team continues to grind. Leaning on past experience and a ...

  • Freelance Hunting the Dakotas

    S1.E1: Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell head north to the Dakotas to get a jump on the 2019 duck season with Ed McDonough and friends. Stale weather and too much water make field hunting a bust, but a cold front and a pothole covered in birds quickly changes the tempo, and helps the crew ring in the n...

  • Mule Deer Buck is Back at the Grigsby

    Check out some awesome John Deere equipment getting put to the test at the Grigsby. They've also spotted the Mule Deer buck, and Uncle Randy has the entire place to himself as shotgun season begins!

  • 12-2-19: Rut’s Last Days, End of Lockdown | Midwest Whitetail

    We first join Bill Winke who takes advantage of the rut's final days by hunting over his best food source. Then Owen Reigler shows us another way to have success this time of year by rattling in a mature buck he's previously encountered this season. Following this success, Owen experiences a diff...