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  • 1-20-19: Highlights from Our Best Deer Season Ever | Midwest Whitetail

    We look back on the best moments from this past deer season. It was our best one yet. A great year. Come back in about a month for the first episode of the 2020 Midwest Whitetail off-season series.

  • 2020 Hunting and Farming Plans

    S1.E18. Mike Stroff looks ahead to next fall. He walks through the plans for new treestands, tower blinds and food source changes. Then, Randy Leka discusses the plan for the next growing season. Naturally, he covers what's next for the farm.

  • Flooded-Timber Duck Hunting, South Dakota Dry-Field Mallards

    S1.E18. Duck season is coming to an end. Meanwhile, Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell continue to struggle. They find a few birds down South before they have to leave for the SHOT Show. This creates an opportunity to look back at never-before-seen footage of a dry-field hunt in South Dakota.

  • Michael Pitts Arrows a Big, Late-Season Georgia Buck

    S1.E17. Michael Pitts connects on a big, mature Georgia buck with his bow. After the shot, he believes the hit was too far back and decides to wait until morning before taking up the blood trail. This is a suspense-filled, late-season deer hunt.

  • Walk-In Duck Hunting: We Lost the Boat Motor

    S1.E16. Just when things couldn't get worse, Dr. Duck and Billy wake up to realize there's no boat motor. This is a first, and now they're on foot in search of that green.

  • Three Generations: The Confluence Group Family Goes Duck Hunting

    S1.E7. It's all about Family, Friends, and the Outdoors during the Confluence Group weekend at Honey Brake. David Cahill brings his sons and father to hunt ducks, but this weekend is about so much more.

  • 1-6-20: Huge CRP Buck, Five Encounters with Marino | Midwest Whitetail

    This week, we reveal the untold story of a buck Drake Lamb hunted all season. In November, a giant stepped in front of his camera on the CRP farm. A last-minute hunt brought Lamb face-to-face with his best buck ever. Then, Jared Mills and Mike Reed continue their pursuit for “Marino.” Both of the...

  • Deer Hunting in the South: The Alabama Rut Heats Up

    S1.E20. We join Bart Goins during the Alabama rut as he hunts for a familiar buck on his new farm. They call the deer 7-11. Will they catch up to him? Watch this episode to find out.

  • Two Mature Late-Season Bucks Fall

    S1.E16. Doug Hampton and his wife Brandy head to Kansas with hopes of connecting on a mature buck. Then, Bart Goins travels to Tennessee and finds success on a buck he's familiar with. Lastly, Doug Hampton goes to Iowa to hunt the second gun season. Needless to say, the crew strings together an i...

  • Honey Brake Education: Hunting Ducks and a Redemption Buck

    S1.E5. Honey Brake is all about experiencing the outdoors. What better way than to introduce the youngest generation to the outdoors. Follow along as Carson Roberson hunts ducks and bucks with David Cahill and receives the Honey Brake education.

  • Washington Public-Land Duck Hunting

    S1.E10. In this week's episode, Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell start their 2019 duck vacation on public land. After a couple days tracking birds, they pin-point a feeding area and team up with a couple locals to get after 'em. It's a public-land cornfield -- a field of dreams -- but they have a hard...

  • 11-25-19: Snort-Wheeze Brings Buck, Classic Deer Camp | Midwest Whitetail

    We first join Collins Marine in Iowa as he tags a super wide buck using a snort-wheeze. Then we catch up with Josh Honeycutt who, after a very tough season, finally gets the chance to wrap his tag on a great buck. Not only is it a great buck, he gets to do this while sharing hunt camp with great ...

  • Home for the Holidays: A Christmas Hunt With Family

    S1.E13. Dr. Duck is home for the holidays. He spends Christmas hunting with family and good friends. Sharing time in the timber with those you love to be around makes the holidays that much more special. Follow along as they lay down a solid hunt with loads of memories.

  • Honey Brake Cribs: 20,000 Acres, 26 Beds, 19 Baths

    S1.E6. Take a look inside the magical Honey Brake Lodge. There's a lot of Realtree, Banded, bedrooms, bathrooms and plenty of cupping ducks. Join us for an all-access tour of your next duck hunt on this 20,000-acre piece of heaven. It has some of the best waterfowl hunting in the flyway.

  • Duckcation: Hunting Washington State Greenheads

    S1.E12. Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell take a duck vacation with Mark Pine at Eagle Lakes Ranch in Washington. This place is mallard duck heaven and it holds one of the nation's largest populations of mallards. Needless to say, these call-runnin', gun-totin', duck-shootin' fellas from the South have...

  • A Honey Brake Christmas

    S1.E4. The Honey Brake crew celebrates Christmas with greenheads and good company. Duck after duck falls from the sky like 2-pound presents from the North Pole. Of course, that brings lots of joy to a bunch of country guys and gals. Follow along as the guides take eager hunters afield to experien...