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  • Walk-In Duck Hunting: We Lost the Boat Motor

    S1.E16. Just when things couldn't get worse, Dr. Duck and Billy wake up to realize there's no boat motor. This is a first, and now they're on foot in search of that green.

  • Youth Deer Hunting: Chuck's First Buck

    S1.E19. Realtree's own Phillip Culpepper helps Charlie "Chuck" Thomas in his quest to get his first buck. They're in the blind at Realtree Farms where he finally finds success. A good one steps into the food plot and Thomas harvests his first antlered deer. That's when the celebration begins.

  • 1-13-20: New Products for 2020, Season Ends

    We wrap up the final hunts of Midwest Whitetail's best year. Then, we join our partners over in Indianapolis as they highlight their new products for 2020. Check out all of the cool new stuff.

  • Mississippi Deer Hunting: Home Is Where the Heart Is

    S1.E13: Realtree United Country's Slade Priest deer hunts on his own property in Mississippi. Don't miss the action. It heats up quickly and deer start moving. Then, Priest talks about his farm and gives a little history behind it.

  • Honey Brake Cribs - 20,000 Acres - 26 Beds - 19 Baths

    We're jumping straight into the Honey Brake Lodge. There's a lot of Realtree, a lot of Banded, and a lot of bedrooms. Join us for an all-access tour of your next duck hunt on this 20,000 acre, 26 bed, 19 bath dream location - that happens to have some of the best duck hunting in the flyway. There...

  • 2020 Hunting and Farming Plans

    S1.E18. Mike Stroff looks ahead to next fall. He walks through the plans for new treestands, tower blinds and food source changes. Then, Randy Leka discusses the plan for the next growing season. Naturally, he covers what's next for the farm.

  • Scouting for Greenheads in All the Wrong Places

    S1.E15. Hard work always pays off if you’re focused on the journey and not the destination. Uncooperative birds and bad weather can surely test your resolve, though. In this week’s episode, Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell rack up the miles by truck, boat and foot to try and find mallards. Follow alon...

  • Birthday Surprise, Alabama Hunt Plans

    S1.E18. Roger Culpepper heads to the treestand with hopes of closing the deal on a buck he calls "Hook." Then, we catch up with Bart and Blair Goins in Alabama. They discuss their rut plans ahead. The season certainly isn't over for this deadly duo.