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  • Grigsby S1E6: Inside a Combine, Giant Buck Encounter

    Mike encounters a giant buck on his first day of bowhunting. The Grisgby team demonstrates how a combine works as they start the harvest.

  • S1.E6: October Action in Illinois, Plus EHD Heartbreak in Georgia

    There's cold front action in Illinois, with young bucks already chasing does. But will Bart see the 200-incher named Boo? Down south, things are still hot and dry, with slow hunting in Georgia and Alabama. Roger finds the Big 7 they've been after on Realtree Farms, but not in the way he'd hoped.

  • S1.E3: Opening Week of Bow Season in the Deep South

    Southwest Mississippi has a ton of deer, plus good turkey and waterfowl hunting. Property values continue to rise there, and it's where Realtree UC land pros Slade and Ryan call home, and where they're hunting this week. Slade gets a chance at a great buck, plus you can check out a 480-property f...

  • 10.14.19: October Whitetails, Story of Two Cold Fronts | Midwest Whitetail

    We first join Justin Luebrecht in Missouri as he's able to take advantage of the month's first big cold front and put a legendary buck on the ground. Then, we join multiple members of the team who update us on how they took advantage of the first two October cold fronts.

  • Owen's Blog | Hunt for "Wolverine"

    Follow along as Owen Reigler heads to the stand after his number one buck, "Wolverine".

  • Public Land Blog | Last Minute Hunt, Field Full of Bucks

    After plans fell through, Josh and Max make a last minute decision to head back to the beans with hopes of encountering the shooter buck they've seen twice now. Despite getting in late, the guys have a bullet proof wind and good access allowing them to sneak and have an action packed hunt.

  • Dig Deeper: How to Convert Fallow Ground and Make Money

    Owen Reigler says converting fallow ground can the best way to improve the ROI on your farm. But there are things to know, like how tough it'll be to clear it, and whether the soil is suitable for planting. Here, Reigler explains the general steps that he's used to be successful.