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  • Deer Hunting in the South: The Alabama Rut Heats Up

    S1.E20. We join Bart Goins during the Alabama rut as he hunts for a familiar buck on his new farm. They call the deer 7-11. Will they catch up to him? Watch this episode to find out.

  • Flooded-Timber Duck Hunting, South Dakota Dry-Field Mallards

    S1.E18. Duck season is coming to an end. Meanwhile, Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell continue to struggle. They find a few birds down South before they have to leave for the SHOT Show. This creates an opportunity to look back at never-before-seen footage of a dry-field hunt in South Dakota.

  • Three Generations: The Confluence Group Family Goes Duck Hunting

    S1.E7. It's all about Family, Friends, and the Outdoors during the Confluence Group weekend at Honey Brake. David Cahill brings his sons and father to hunt ducks, but this weekend is about so much more.

  • 1-20-19: Highlights from Our Best Deer Season Ever | Midwest Whitetail

    We look back on the best moments from this past deer season. It was our best one yet. A great year. Come back in about a month for the first episode of the 2020 Midwest Whitetail off-season series.

  • Waterfowl Gear: Dr. Duck's Timber Pack

    S1.E17. Dennis covers the features of the Dr. Duck Hunt Locker Weather-Proof Backpack. Buy it at It'll make your next duck hunt much more organized.

  • 2020 Hunting and Farming Plans

    S1.E18. Mike Stroff looks ahead to next fall. He walks through the plans for new treestands, tower blinds and food source changes. Then, Randy Leka discusses the plan for the next growing season. Naturally, he covers what's next for the farm.