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Economical Hog Trapping Strategies

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Dig Deeper: How To Make Honey

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  • Economical Hog Trapping Strategies

    S1.E5: It's difficult to eradicate wild hogs from your property, but with smart trapping strategies, you can stay mobile, save money, and keep pig numbers in check

  • Dig Deeper: Trapping Hogs with Remote...

    S1.E6: Hogs aren't native, and having them on your property will cause your deer, turkeys, small game, browse and mast to suffer. Plus, they'll dig up your food plots. Who wants that? The best way to control hogs is by trapping entire sounders at once, and for that, nothing is more effective than...

  • Poor Man's Food Plots, Plus Benefits ...

    S1.E11: With just a backpack sprayer and a hand seeder, you can plant a food plot in a hard-to-reach area without breaking ground. Roger Culpepper explains how.