Pay Dirt

Pay Dirt

2 Seasons

Tips from Midwest Whitetail's Bill Winke, Realtree farm manager Roger Culpepper, and more. Your questions. Their answers. Get the most out of your hunting land.

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Pay Dirt
  • Trapping: How to Manage Predators on Your Property

    Episode 1

    S2.E1. Realtree farm manager Roger Culpepper and trapper Earl Thompson discuss the when, where, why and how of predator control. If you aren't implementing this practice on your property, start now.

  • How to Hunt Coons with Coon Dogs

    Episode 2

    S2.E2. Ever wanted to know what it takes to hunt coons with dogs? Roger Culpepper tags along with coon hunter Michael Phillips to learn the ins and outs of this long-held tradition. Don't miss this crazy, fast-paced action. It gets wild.

  • How to: Creating Fire Breaks for Controlled Burn

    Episode 3

    S2.E3. Realtree Farm Manager Roger Culpepper shows how to create a fire break before he control burns. He also discusses the the importance of having a proper break as well as other benefits.