Whitetail TV

Whitetail TV

7 Episodes

Whitetail TV is true to life, real-time deer hunting with weekly updates from around the country. You'll get to experience the full season, from late-summer bachelor bucks in velvet, to the heat of the rut to the final days of the late season. Follow our crew as they share all the excitement, highs and lows of deer season through this groundbreaking, semi-live format. It's Whitetail TV!

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Whitetail TV
  • S1.E5: Crop Dusters, No Man's Land, and a Buck Named Boo

    Episode 1

    Joe Shults and Bart Goins head to Oklahoma for opening day of bow season. A promising start takes a turn for the worse when Bart's shot doesn't go as planned, and a low-flying prop plane spoils Joe's first evening sit. But there's a lot of season left. Bart heads to his farm in Illinois and final...

  • S1.E4: Tough Hunting, but Some Early Bucks on the Move

    Episode 2

    Doug Hampton is hunting a tiny kill plot in Kentucky, but the movement is slow. Meanwhile, Tyler Jordan is after an ancient buck on Realtree Farms, called the Big 7, but he encounters a nice 10-pointer instead. Will he shoot or pass?

  • S1.E3: Kansas Youth Hunt Giant, Pitts Doubles on Does

    Episode 3

    Michael Pitts heads out for his first hunt of the year, and he doubles down on a couple big does. Then, Eli Hampton and his dad, Doug, head to Kansas for the youth season, where they're after a stud of a buck hitting a bean field. It's early-season action at its finest.

  • S1.E2: The Heart Attack - Georgia Opener

    Episode 4

    Quite a scare for the entire Realtree Family as we visit Michael Pitts shortly after a life-threatening heart attack. Tyler and the crew are on doe patrol in Georgia and we'll swoop over to Kansas to see what Doug Hampton and his son Eli are doing to prepare for a Kansas Youth Hunt.

  • S1.E1: Tennessee Velvet Hunt

    Episode 5

    The crew kicks things off early during the special 3-day, late August season in Tennessee. A few counties in West Tennessee are in the CWD testing zone, and so hunters are allowed to use muzzleloaders on private land during this short season. As you'll see, it's pretty productive on big velvet bu...

  • Whitetail TV - 2019 Premiere

    Episode 6

    Take an exclusive look at the 2019 season of Whitetail TV. The crew is new and the goal is still the same: hard work, planning, hunting hard, and the ultimate payoff. Make sure you follow along for real-time episodes and updates.

  • S1.E6: October Action in Illinois, Plus EHD Heartbreak in Georgia

    Episode 7

    There's cold front action in Illinois, with young bucks already chasing does. But will Bart see the 200-incher named Boo? Down south, things are still hot and dry, with slow hunting in Georgia and Alabama. Roger finds the Big 7 they've been after on Realtree Farms, but not in the way he'd hoped.